How to Delete a Deposit in QuickBooks? Updated Method


This is how professionals using QuickBooks can delete payments from deposits. From the check register, find the deposit that you want to delete. As you can see in the screenshot below, many deposits originate from the undeposited funds account. The undeposited funds account accumulates checks as they are received and applied against sales receipts or invoices.

lists and viewers should verify statements before relying on them. By clicking the sales receipt, new options will become available. We click delete, and then on the dialog box that pops up, we’ll click yes to confirm the deletion.

How To Undo Bank Deposits In QuickBooks Online And QuickBooks Desktop?

Then, you are required to select bank feeds and then click the bank feeds center. Now, you need to click on the chart of accounts. Firstly, open the software and then click on the company file to open it. After learning the process of how to delete a deposit in QuickBooks, you need to know how to delete a payment from a deposit in QuickBooks. Finally, click on the delete deposit in case there is a need to delete the entire deposit.


You are supposed to select save and then Click on yes to confirm the changes. You are supposed to choose the deposit and then edit. Yes, it is possible that you delete several deposits at once but keep remembering that you are allowed to do this only if you are using QuickBooks Enterprise. From the Customer option, select the Customer account. Firstly, navigate to “Settings”, then select the option “Charts of Accounts”. Next, select the transaction ID to reverse the transaction.

Month end accruals QuickBooks

Navigate to the invoicing by opening the QuickBooks online dashboard and click on the left menu then to invoice. Navigate to the Lists tab from the menu and click on the Chart of Accounts option from the dropdown of list. Sign up to receive more well-researched small business articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you. Select the newsletters you’re interested in below.

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Open QB online, go to the Customers and then choose Customer. From the bottom, menu select More and then click on Delete. Here is the full detailed procedure for deleting a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Then click on “Duplicate Payment” to remove the accidental payment. Now, tap on “Menu” and choose the option “Charts of Accounts“.

Deleting undeposited funds

We’ve accidentally recorded the payment two times. For this tutorial, we need to assume that we’ve created this sales receipt without realizing it and that we’ve inadvertently created an invoice. This happens to our clients all the time.

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It is available in about five languages and is supported by many devices; so you rest assured of its function irrespective of where you are. It also has a free trial option where you try it out and see how compatible it is with your business. Then proceed to select bank deposit and then click on „Select existing payments“ from the options. In the Delete process, select the file, lists, or transactions you want to delete, then apply the filters on the file and then click on the Delete option.

Then, from the dropdown, pick QuickBooks Undeposited Funds. In the first step, open the QuickBooks Desktop and head towards the Lists option. In the next step, you must choose Chart of Accounts to migrate to the List. The above directions will direct you to Delete A Payment In QuickBooks.

Look whether the payment to deposit has opened. As it gets opened, you need to cancel it. Again click on Record Deposits and then search for the deposit to be deleted. You will be able to clear the payment now. In QB, it is important to delete a payment to a deposit that you find to be incorrect without removing any of your company’s records. For this, you can use the Chart of Accounts in the software.


The option to “Delete Line” will only delete one single payment. To edit the payment, you can create it again. If you want to undo the deleted deposit then simply open your bank statement then add the payment to the deposit.

With QuickBooks, you have the freedom to manage the bookkeeping through various tools and can easily record the costs, deposits, and payments. Go to the list menu and select „charts of accounts“ under it. When you click on edit, proceed to choose the „delete line“ from the drop-down options. Duplicate payment arising from entering a payment twice by accident can also be removed from the QuickBooks with these simple steps outlined below. Choose the payment you want to remove and click on „edit“ from the options. Select the „previous“ icon to take you to the intended screen and scroll to look for the deposit you want to remove the payment from.

Delete or Undo a Payment from Undeposited Funds

We assigned the payment of the $400 consulting services to Sample Customer and marked it as paid by Check into our Business Checking Account. Next, we need to head over to the check register. We’re going to get there by clicking on the Business Checking account as outlined below.


Double-click the undeposited funds to open bank account register. Find the bank account with which you made the deposit. After locating it, click the “View register” option. Once you’ve found the deposit, click “Delete.” The bank deposit will then be removed from the bank account. By following the steps listed above, you can delete a payment from a bank deposit. But what if you want to delete an entire bank deposit?


A simplified value billing ensures that you will be able to focus on the core work. Press the Ctrl + D together from the keyboard and press OK button. Search for the Duplicate Payment and select it in order to delete it. Navigate to the List tab from the top menu and then click on the Chart of Accounts from the list. Click on the Save button in order to save all the changes which you have done. Now select the Make Deposit tab from all the option.