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There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed That is when you understand the therapeutic power of journaling. By scribbling your thoughts to paper or screen you comb through your mind releasing pressure from within you. The pressure that we all know quickly snowballs into bad trading decisions. With thousands or even hundreds of data entries, a predictable pattern will pop out. What you want to know is what strategy or the custom parameters you set to make money and why they work.

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Creating and meticulously maintaining a Forex trading journal is the quickest and most effective way to develop into a disciplined and profitable Forex trader. It is very valuable to have a trading journal that you can use to track your trades. There is quite a few trading journal software out there but most of them are complicated to use and you need to pay for them . That’s why we created a free trading journal that you can use. It is fully customizable using google sheets/excel and it is simple to use. If you are stuck with the trading journal or if you have any suggestions for features/improvements don’t hesitate to contact us.


When and how to review a trading journal depends on a trader. When I scalp, I import trades to the software from the broker’s statement every hour or less so I can enter my comments around trade entry, exit, and management while my memory is still fresh. When I first begin backtesting something new I like to keep it pretty basic until I’ve recorded 50 – 100 trades. At that point if it looks like it has potential I will go back through those trades and track a lot more variables. Simply put, it’s just less time consuming until I know a strategy has potential. Our journal provides you with all of the statistics and calculations you’re going to need to properly analyze your trading data.

Why use a forex trading journal PDF?

All the information on this website – – is provided for informational and educational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. And that’s why many advise you treat your trading as a business. Hollywood, in her movies, depicts traders as alter ego males who get off the high and stress of trading with a puff of a joint, a snort of cocaine, and a shoot a of heroin in wild orgies. Because you are alone are responsible for a rising equity curve, you won’t trade a large lot size in a trading time when your system has warned you. Of course, this may not work for a scalper who has to be in the market through the trading day.

Only a trading journal can serve you a trading edge on a silver platter. To add to your knowledge see the Number One Mistake Traders Make where we analyzed thousands of live trades and came to a striking conclusion. Trading journals are there to log your trading activity. Get into the habit of recording the details of the trade directly after the trade, while it is still fresh. This way you won’t have to remember what your reasons were for taking the trade. Make sure to do this only after placing your stop-loss and take-profit.

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Skitch is An add-on feature tool that takes screenshots and adds them directly to your Evernote journal.Annotations can also be done on the screenshot. I already have a trading journal, but some elements were missing, so I’ll complete it with yours. It takes a lot of time to learn to trade but with Nial you have an edge that will make it a lot easier and shorten the learning curve. Certainly, this will help to improve my performance in the long run.


The platform is very comprehensive and takes a bit of time to get used to, but they have many videos on their YouTube to help with this as well as their support team. For more information on forex trading tips, check out our forex real time news section. Also, be sure to download the forex trading journal template from Page 5 of the Building Confidence in Trading guide, which can be accessed via the link above.

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Edgewonk charges a one-time fee of $187.00 for only the journal. Then I have a birdseye view of my weekly and monthly performance. But the most important sections were the comments and thoughts about each trade.

This report has been prepared without regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and needs of any particular recipient. Journaling allows you to go back and review what you were thinking and why you entered the trade in the first place. Then you can fine tune your approach to raise your win loss ratio. Add and specify your own custom trade setups for each of your trades. Trade setups will be used for filtering, analsysis and keeping track on how well you execute your trades.

  • Tagging your trades means marking the strategy you used to make the trade.
  • Now that we’ve discussed the contents of trading journals and various templates, let’s look at an example.
  • This will help you to avoid making the same mistakes again and again.
  • It isn’t the easiest to use, but it offers excellent trade import support and unique charting features.
  • Secondly, find and execute a trading system within the plan.

To become a professional trader, one of the most important things you need to do is to learn from your mistakes, as well as from your successes. Do your research and you will find out most professional traders agree journaling is a key ingredient to achieve profitability. Performance Analytics offers multiple tools to monitor in-progress trades.

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USD/JPY1 lotLong30 Jan 19HighFundamentals100SuccessfulThe standard format is an example of a simple trade journal. It can help you reflect on your trades, but with a few extra criteria we can enhance the journal so that it provides much more useful information. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

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We can even say that it was at the core of shaping the niche. We should say, though, that its functionalities aren’t as as the ones of EdgeWonk. The medium you choose for your journal will depend on what you’re comfortable with. For example, Excel may be less attractive if you are inexperienced with spreadsheet modelling. Experiment with the different options and choose what feels right for you. What you’re including in your journal is most important, but an organized structure is also key to helping you understand and learn from your trading activity.

Such as the ability to combine portfolios, live charting, and much more. Their support is world-class, in my case personally, I needed integration with Trend Spider’s backtesting engine. What I imagined might take weeks was literally accomplished overnight.

  • Download the Excel file titled “Trade Journal” or use the online version via Google Sheets which is in the folder as well.
  • We need the values of Size-Volume of the lot, traders’ expectation parameters Long or Short, Entry, Stop Loss, and Take Profit values of the currency.
  • Here’s an example of a day trade I made a few years back for Tesla .
  • Screenshots of charts and indicators at the time of the trade entry, execution price and stop order price, plus final outcome of trade would finish the journal.
  • When you combine the account history with your screenshots and notes, you have effectively created a complete trading journal.

While the idea of keeping track of every single trade, decision, and outcome appears tedious, it could help achieving trading consistency and long-term profitability. If you trade a wide variety of markets you may be better off using a spreadsheet or MyFxBook solution where you can tweak things as you need and have all of your trades easily logged. Another really nice feature is that it allows you to add text comments before entering your trade. This is very useful especially for new traders or traders testing out a new strategy.

Futures, Options on Futures, Foreign Exchange and other leveraged products involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Spot Gold and Silver contracts are not subject to regulation under the U.S. Contracts for Difference are not available for US residents.

Therefore, you would conclude that it is only worth trading when your conviction is high. After a certain amount of time, preferably a few months so you have enough data, you can compile the data in your trade journal. Record your trades directly after you have finished placing your stop losses and take profits.

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The trading journal is free of emotions and helps you to analyze your trading activities. Edgewonk 3.0 was released in March 2021 and is now an online trading journal with in-depth analytics tools. The old Edgewonk 2.0 required a software installation on your PC, but now all features are available online from everywhere. You can take advantage of entry/exit optimization tools, a trade simulator, advanced trade classifiers, trade management evaluation, holding time analysis, and more. It is safe to say that the software has everything you need to get a full picture of your profile.

A forex trading journal is a detailed record of your trading activity. Any serious trader should keep a journal of their trades to help remove and manage their emotions and track the performance of technical setups. Look at the example trade signals and price movement for the CHF pairs below. The Forexearlywarning trading system can provide clear trading signals like these across 8 currencies and 28 pairs every day.